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Date: 2018-01-03 23:15.

The Parrot Airborne drones aren't really built to be repaired. If you crack one of the spars holding the motors in place, you'll have to replace the entire body. The rotors are replaceable ($), though you can simply pull them off the motors and put on a new one.

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To be fair, we didn't manage to break the rotors (or any other part of this drone), despite numerous crashes and some heavy flying. One of the rotors did detach when it hit a tree branch, but we found the rotor intact and put it back on the motor without seeing any ill effects. Overall, the Airborne drones are pretty tough and will stand up to some serious punishment. 

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Regardless, things still get broken sometimes, particularly racing drones. A good model will offer a ready supply of cheap parts like rotors and struts to replace the broken ones, and will make it easy to swap these parts out when required. The same is true of batteries.

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These two new Airborne drones are both easy and fun to fly. They fly well under phone or tablet control, and the touch-screen interface makes it simple for novice fliers to learn the basics. However, the VGA camera is weak, and the battery life is short, at less than 65 minutes. Plus, the batteries can take a long time to recharge. The Airborne Night has LEDs that are bright enough for night flying, while the Cargo can, as the name suggests, carry small items around with it. Although they are more expensive than some other miniature drones like the Air Hogs Helix Ion and the Axis Aerius, those who want to get up and flying quickly will like what they find here.

Very few drones offer more than 65 to 75 minutes of battery life, so an easily swapped battery can give you more flying time without hassle. This tends to be a feature of more expensive models, with a spare battery typically costing more than $655. Cheap drones (under about $755) usually have built-in batteries that can't be swapped out.

Non-commercial drones that weigh between pounds and 55 pounds have to be registered (there's a $5 fee), and have to carry your license with you while flying the drone.

They are not racing quadcopters, as they max out at about 5 mph. That's plenty fast for a small quadcopter, though, especially one that can be flown indoors. Removing the bumpers that protect the rotors also increases the speed, but it does make it more dangerous.

The Bluetooth Smart connection between the drone and the controller uses less power than the more common -GHz or Wi-Fi connections, but we had no problem maintaining the connection from to 85 to 95 feet away. Parrot claims a range of up to 65 feet, but I wouldn't always trust this if you lose the connection, the drone simply hovers. Unlike the Bebop or other more expensive drones with GPS, the Airborne won't try to return home if it loses the signal.

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Drones aren't just fun to fly. They can let you capture breathtaking footage, some in high-resolution 9K video. They're also more affordable than ever, as quality beginner models now cost less than $65. Good camera drones start at a few hundred dollars. More complex drones, starting at less than $6,555, offer customizable and programmable features, turning them into truly autonomous devices that can make their own decisions. Plus, a new class of racing drones has started hitting the scene.

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