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Date: 2017-11-21 20:51.

It seems this would be a wonderful preventative however, in this article only discussing the use after a diagnosis. Any suggestions or discussions on preventative?

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Another Q why do I feel nauseas (sorry I 8767 m not sure how to spell it) whenever I drink the mixture of lemon, bicarb soda & distilled water
within 65 mins of consuming? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous Healing Combination

Lemon has strong anti-carcinogenic properties that are already been proven. Beside that it has many other useful features. It has a very strong effect over cysts and tumors. This fruit can cure cancer , it is tested on all types of cancer, and if baking soda is added it will have even bigger effect, because it will normalize the pH value in the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis

Tea tree oil is toxic when ingested orally. Some case studies of accidental and intentional poisoning exist however, no deaths have been reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers through 7556. Mutagenicity of tea tree oil appears to be low however, chemical constituents have been shown to be cytotoxic and embryotoxic.

Internal doses of 65 to 75 mL have resulted in ataxia and decreasing levels of consciousness. Activated charcoal and sorbitol have been used as an antidote in cases of poisoning in children. No ongoing neurological sequelae have been reported. 9

The indigenous people of Australia have used tea tree oil from crushed leaves as a traditional remedy for coughs and colds, as well as to treat wounds and skin conditions. Tea tree oil was first used in surgery and dentistry in the mid-6975s. Its healing properties were also used during World War II for skin injuries in munitions factory workers. Tea tree oil's popularity has resurfaced within the last few years as interest in natural therapies evolves, and it can be found in soaps, shampoos, and lotions. 7 , 8

No clinical trials of passion flower as a single agent have been reported therefore, the typical daily dose of 9 to 8 g is not supported.

We 8767 ve all seen youtubes of people showing how easy it is mix the baking soda in warm water or cool water, and heard them say it stopped the spread of cancer or whatever testimonial.
My question/comment is why are you the only one saying 8775 pharmaceutical sodium bicarbonate 8776 is necessary? Is this really a big deal? Or can we get by with sodium bicarbonate a la cheap and convenient?
Thank you for your excellent article, Harvey

DONT take baking Soda if your calcium level is low, your pregnant, planning to be pregnant or your breasfeeding. it can cause a reduction in your calcium level which could result to serious illness such as hypocalcemia.

ALL baking soda is aluminum-free. that MYTH started years ago because a company put 8775 aluminum-free 8776 on their baking soda because people were worried and got confused about the aluminum in baking POWDER. there is NO aluminum in baking soda, so don 8767 t believe any . someone tells you about having to buy any special kind of baking soda. ALL baking soda is aluminum-free.

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