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Aegir was the father of the nine daughters, known as the Nine Waves (nine giantesses). His daughters became the mothers of his grandson Heimdall. Their names are given below:

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65. Thor once spent several issues of The Mighty Thor as a frog after falling prey to one of Loki's magical schemes. The story, which was penned by celebrated Thor writer Walter Simonson in 6986 and lasted for four issues, saw Thor end up in Central Park and lead a clan of frogs into battle against a horde of rats. He eventually returned to Asgard to reclaim his identity, but not before leaving a shard of Mjolnir behind for one of his amphibian allies, a frog named Puddlegulp. That frog eventually became a warrior known as Throg, and wields a pint-sized version of Mjolnir as part of Marvel's recent “Pet Avengers” team.

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'Thor: Ragnarok' Is Hela Good : NPR

One day, Rinda fell ill. Odin/Wecha diagnosed the illness and informed the king that he has the medicine, but the very bitter drug would caused violent reaction, so Rind have to be bound. So the king himself binds his daughter to the bed he did not recognise Odin, since he assumed Wecha to be a woman. Then instead of curing the helpless girl, Odin Rinda. Seeing his own child being didn't stop the king also violating his own daughter. When Rinda became pregnant, the king assumed that the child was his, but in reality it belonged to Odin.

Thor prevented the marriage between Thrud and a dwarf named Alvis her father delayed the wedding before turning the dwarf into stone.

Balder was the god of beauty. He was the most beloved of all the the gods. However, through the prophecy and Balder's dreams, the gods found that he would die. His mother, Frigg , set about asking and extracting an oath on all creature, plant and all inanimate materials in the world, to not harm her son. Frigg did not think of a mistletoe could harm her son, so she did not get an oath from the harmless plant. Loki managed to get the information from Frigg.

Forseti acted like a judge, arbiter of disputes often seen settling differences between gods and men. Foresti presided at the hall called Glitnir.

Goddess of marriage, fertility and childbirth. Frigg was the daughter of Fjorgvin. (While others say that she was the daughter of Jö rd (Fjö rgyn), goddess of the earth, therefore, Frigg was possibly the sister of Thor.)

There was a different story on how Odin gains knowledge. Beneath the Yggdrasill (World Tree) was a well called Mí misbrunnr ( Well of Mimir ). In order to drink the water from the well and gain knowledge, Odin had to sacrifice one of his eyes. See Sacrifice: Hanging and Runes.

Even though these sports are similar in many ways, hammer throwing and weight throwing have some distinct differences, too, which is why it’s unsurprising that some people interchange these two sports events.

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