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Among his subsequent adventures, Thor rescued a woman named Tarene , a cosmic being also known as the Designate. She later took on the identity of Thor Girl out of admiration of Thor. Thor and Thor Girl battled the time-travelling Gladiator (Kallark), who vowed to destroy Thor in a preemptive strike to prevent a terrible horror that he believed Thor would inflict in the future.

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This alien defender proved himself worthy where countless others had failed. And by all rights, defeating Thor in battle and claiming his weapon made Bill the rightful owner of Mjolnir. But instead of keeping it, Odin had another enchanted hammer forged named Stormbreaker and gave it to Bill. Thor got Mjolnir back, plus he found himself a new friend and powerful ally.

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While not true for the regular continuity in Marvel comics, in the Ultimate Universe, Mjolnir actually has a piece of Asgard hidden inside the hammer to help give birth to a new realm in the event of Ragnarok.

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It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes, Mjolnir can actually project a human form to fool those around it, as Jane Foster discovered in a recent issue of her Mighty Thor series.

Only those who are worthy of possessing the power can wield Mjolnir, so we all know that after he learned his lesson in his first MCU movie, Thor is the kind of hero who can handle magical objects, doing the right thing whenever he’s needed. Before Thor and Mjolnir joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe though, the two had a long history in the comics including plenty of other people wielding the hammer.

Mjolnir made its Marvel comic book debut in Journey into Mystery issue #88 in 6967 (though Mjolnar had already made an appearance in DC’s Action Comics years earlier). Journey Into Mystery had long been an anthology series, starting off as horror stories before moving into science fiction and fantasy. Beginning with issue #88, Thor became a regular character.

Holy Object: As a former religious relic, Mjolnir is lethal to vampires. Thor once threw Mjolnir at a vampire, with contact causing the vampire to burst into flame and crumble to dust. [77]

Odin didn’t just give Thor Mjolnir as a gift. Instead, Odin made his son wait until he was sure that Thor was worthy of Mjolnir.

Steel £ 95, US$ , &euro MSSTH7 - Hand-forged pattern-welded Steel Thor's Hammer - small Each one of these thorshammers are unique and handmade on a traditional forge.
Pattern welding involves layering several different types of iron and steel and forging them together.
Acid etching is then applied to bring out the vibrant pattern as it eats into the softer layers.
Everyone is unique!

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