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5Reasons You Should ONLY Buy Fair-Trade, Organic Coffee

Date: 2017-12-25 08:51.

Green Coffee is the raw, unroasted beans of the Coffee fruit. Green coffee beans are cleaned, dried, roasted, ground and brewed to produce coffee. Coffee contains many components, each of which may have potential health benefits. Although coffee is known to be a key source of caffeine, it's effects on glycemic control and weight loss have been attributed to it's other key components, most notably chlorogenic acid.

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This Pacas lot from Mr. Martinez has a sweet/savory smell in the dry fragrance reminiscent of caramel-coated pretzels. The levels between the two are balanced in City+ roasts, whereas a little lighter sees savory tones overtaking sweetness a bit. Breaking through the wet crust pulls out turbinado sugar and sponge cake smells in the steam, together with a whiff of smokiness presents a coffee cake impression. The cup has elements of coffee cake in it too, the mild sweetness of the cake bottom, and a raw sugar/cinnamon powder top note. The cool cup features subdued accents of sweet herbs and aromatic wood, most present in the finish. Full CIty roasts have a smokey cocoa note too, a bittersweetness that hangs on long in the aftertaste.

Green Coffee

Green Coffee is undoubtedly the most important discoveries in the recent years in the field of Weight Loss. The combination of Caffeine and Acid Lorogenic transform it into the therapy of naturally Burn Fat Product on which remarkable clinical tests and trials has been done in an International Norms and certified for Safety & Effectiveness.

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Then there 8767 s the organic soil in which coffee beans are grown to consider. Coffee beans are full of magnesium, B vitamins, zinc, copper, and other minerals  but without healthy soil to grow in, they don 8767 t stand a chance. Organic foods contain more nutrition than their conventional counterparts and coffee is no different.

If you prefer to roast your own coffee then you will be simply delighted by our superb choice of fresh green coffee beans which are sourced directly from the most renowned growing estates in the world, incorporating the best varieties from Africa, Central America, Indonesia and also the Caribbean including the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee range. Our green unroasted beans allow you to try your hand at creating your very own freshly ground blends which are as full flavoured, aromatic and dynamically adventurous as you want them to be.

The familiar citrus flavour plus hibiscus, sunflowers and rose petals. Enchanting. Consistently one of our top 5 sellers of all time. 655 grams per bag.

Karogoto is part of Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS) which combines the names for their 8 factories: Tegu, Karogoto, and Ngunguru. I visited them the last couple seasons since we've bought many small lots over time from Tekangu - I've included a few farm specific pictures below. You probably recognize these names, and we picked up lots from Tegu as well this year. This is a Nyeri region coffee, where we find some of the nicest lots from Kenya. We cupped through several Tekangu samples this year in order to select coffees of this caliber, and this lot comes from one particularly nice outturn (an unseparated parchment lot that comes into the mill). We only bought the AB separation this year as it seemed to be a notch above the AA and PB.

Ethiopia and Kenya receive so much attention in the coffee world, and they are deservedly rewarded with some of our highest scores in the course of the year (as the two in this sample set can attribute to). Yet the quality coming out of nearby Burundi and Rwanda should receive full representation as well. We're investing more and more in these two growing regions as they continually improve, producing wet-processed coffees that are delicious and versatile at a wide range of roasts. These coffees can be syrupy sweet, complex, clean, and even floral.

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Organic Fair Trade is a good start, but don\'t forget to make sure your coffee is SHADE GROWN!!!! Most coffee is grown after trees have been cut, destroying habitat for birds and other animals. Only coffee that is certified as shade grown prevents this destruction by growing coffee under a canpopy of trees. The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center has developed standards that are targeted specifically at shade management and preserving biodiversity their certification is called “Bird-Friendly” (this is a trademarked term and should always carry the Smithsonian seal). Right now it\'s hard to find in most stores, but it\'s worth ordering it online. Obviously, if more consumers demand it, the supply will increase.

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