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The Hammer - New powerful hammer grip slingshot / slingbow

Concerning the overworld hammer, Mario obtains this at the beginning of the game, after recovering from Bowser's attack on Decalburg. In World 8-7, Rustle Burrow , Mario loses his overworld hammer as such, he is unable to use Hammer stickers in battle.

Hammer - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia

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It 8767 s not just about size though. You can literally remove and replace the slingshot / slingbow heads in mere seconds, allowing for quick and easy exchange in the field so you can go from shooting arrows to roundballs and back again.

In New Super Mario Bros. Wii , Super Mario Galaxy 7 , and New Super Mario Bros. U , Yoshi can eat Hammers and spit them out to defeat enemies.

During the bonus minigames after most stage areas, Wanda the fairy will hold a hammer rather than her usual wand and be able to whack Wario 's plane for coins. She can collect forty coins before he flees.

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Hammers are also used in Super Mario Bros. 8 as a map screen item to destroy boulders preventing access to hidden areas. Usually, a Hammer just allows Mario to produce a quicker route, but in some cases, it is the only way to access a part of a map. In Desert Land , a hammer can be used in the upper right corner to open up an area that contains a Toad House with a Frog Suit , and a Fire Bro battle containing the last Recorder. In Water Land , a rock near World 8-5 blocks off a boardwalk with a canoe which can take Mario or Luigi to several Toad Houses and Spade Panels.

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