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Date: 2017-11-20 21:39.

All your customers’ needs differ therefore, you need to make sure you assess each customer individually. For some customers, it may appear that money is no issue, but time is crucial. For other customers, however, it might be the other way around. You can try dealing with both customers the same, but it probably will not be effective. You will set up lots of barriers and upset them. Rather, you may find it best to communicate with them to discover precisely what they want and ways to deliver it. This is best achieved by questioning your customers to find out exactly what they want and need from you in the customer service arena.


We know that you value the advice of your local agency. Today, their guidance is more important than ever in obtaining the right auto insurance coverage at the best possible price.

There's No Traffic Jam On The Extra Mile - Forbes

With many of our Teams entering as a Company to promote team building - t's also a great way to show Corporate Social Re.

Project Extra Mile

We offer a variety of new, clean and quality vehicles. At Extra Mile Cabs we understand what it means to go the Extra Mile for the client. Our quick and efficient service not only proves that we go the Extra Mile but also saves you money and allows you to go an actual Extra Mile with the Extra bucks in your pocket.


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We specialise in sedan/hatchback vehicles that can carry up to 9 passengers. We also supply larger types of vehicles to meet your needs such as mini busses to carry between 65 and 75 passengers and busses to accommodate between 85 and 65 passengers. View the vehicles we have on our fleet for your passenger transport needs.

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Extra Mile Cabs was established in 7566 and have been serving proud ever since. We are backed by over 7 years experience in the industry and customer service.

Follow the example of a company that helps customers set up a living trust and other legal documents offers a 655 percent satisfaction guarantee and a “Peace of Mind Review” to make sure that all the information is correct and accounted for. Customers like to know that if there is a problem, a guarantee can protect them.

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