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Date: 2017-12-26 20:51.

As you can see, coffee plants in full bloom are very beautiful and this unusually pristine setting is not too shabby either.

Pictured here, coffee beans are the seed of a fruit, or coffee cherry.

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We have customers at Lakota Coffee Company that quiz me about green coffee all the time while I'm roasting. They'll say things like, "Geez, I thought those coffee bags piled all over the store were just for looks!" or "So that's what green coffee looks like."

Supply shortage in world coffee market led by robusta beans

So this page, although greatly simplified endeavors to give you a better idea where the best green coffee beans in the world come from and how they get into an appropriate condition for roasting.

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One thing to note is despite the association with Arabica of being higher quality, and Robusta as being lower quality, it’s not always the case. Top notch specialty Robusta coffee will usually taste as good as or better than low end Arabica. However, high end Robusta isn’t widely used or available. Rather, Robusta is usually used as a filler or cost reducer.  

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Each tree, believe it or not, only produces from one to two pounds of green coffee beans per season but will continue to produce for many years.

I would like to thank Joe & Mark from Ground to Grounds () once again for giving me the seeds of info I needed to start making better decisions for my morning brew!

Additionally, Starbucks 8767 espresso likely uses robusta beans, as they have a higher caffeine content and who knows, for a big business, it wouldn 8767 t surprise me if they threw some in with their regular arabica.

Recently I met a coffee owner, he explained me the difference between arabica, and robusta.
My point is the article is true.
This two species r the backbone of coffee.

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