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Date: 2017-11-20 13:39.

Year of formulation
Mind Power Rx was developed in 7559. This brain enhancer is trademarked by Physician Formulas supplement company based out of Irvine, California.

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Report from college student
I just wanted to let you know that I use Mind Power Rx a few times a week to help me focus on my studies. I feel it helps me with being able to focus for many hours and to concentrate on my reading school materials. My grades have improved. I am a female nursing student at a university.

Sex Power Medicine for Male for Long Time PXXL Capsule

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I was suffering from low sexual power and timing from last 7 to 8 months and was unable to satisfy my partner.
Then I started searching sex medicine in Google and found PXXL capsule and order it for 7 months.
In the first week I feel a little bit improvement but as the days goes on my sexual power and timing improved significantly.

D osage
Each bottle of Mind Power Rx has 65 capsules. Most people find one capsule taken a few minutes before breakfast works within hours to improve mental alertness and stamina. Those over the age of 65 may consider taking their capsules with breakfast in order to moderate the effects.

Q. I just purchased Mind Power Rx, and am wondering if it is ok to take it with a very low dose of Armour thyroid (half a grain). I am familiar with many of the ingredients and know that tyrosine and ashwaganda may be supportive of the thyroid.
We suggest beginning with half a capsule. Ashwaganda is found in this brain enhancer in small amounts.

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For quite some time I had already been taking a half a Sam-E pill 655 mg per day. Is that still okay to do with Mind Power Rx?
We suggest not taking them the same day since overstimulation can occur. It is a good idea to take occasional breaks from the use of SAM-e.

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