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Date: 2017-11-20 18:27.

Customer  Nicholas Chase  commented that Lavazza Crema e Gusto is an 8775 E xcellent Blend 8775 , he also added:  8775 Lavazza is a great Italian brand name and the Crema e Gusto blend is a fairly new introduction to the Lavazza catalog. I first tried the Crema e Gusto in Europe and quickly became addicted! I packed my suitcase full when I came home and it was worth the effort. All of the Lavazza blends are excellent, but this blend is particularly special- it is very smooth and rich with virtually no bitterness at all. I brew it in a stove-top espresso maker and it 8767 s absolutely perfect every time. 8776

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I was curious to see whether the best selling Italian coffee  at the top of my previous best selling Italian coffee list was still selling well.

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Historically, dark roasts have been popular in Europe, giving rise to terms such as Continental, Italian, French, and Spanish roasts. Espresso roasts are also usually dark roasts, which is partly why espresso can stand up to lots of milk and sugar.

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That Nespresso is not Italian does not seem to be putting Italians off. Time for Lavazza etc to pay catch-up or lose out.

Have never heard of it Alessio. The company has been around for 65 years so it 8767 s coffee must be OK. If I can find some here in Milan, I 8767 ll try it and test it on various Italians I know too to find out their opinions.

At this roast level, the coffee’s qualities begin to give way to the roast’s flavors and aromas, creating a balance between acidity and body. You’ll still be able to taste the original coffee, but the beans’ brightness will be complemented with the fuller body that is introduced by the roasting process.

Illy is not bad coffee, I will admit, but I do really like Lavazza Crema e Gusto. Try it and let me know what you think.

Cafe Aiello is amazing. It 8767 s hard to find in the states. It is very popular in Southern Italy. I have to order it online. I think it 8767 s a good mix of the quality of Lavazza and Illy.

I know some do live Kimbo but it 8767 s not as well known outside Italy as Illy and Lavazza which is probably why it 8767 s not on the list. Which Kimbo blend do you like? Let me know if you have a moment and I 8767 ll add it 🙂

Well, it sounds as if you know coffee, Giovanni. As you say though, it 8767 s a question of personal taste at the end of the day and Crema e Gusto fits mine perfectly as I explain, it 8767 s the only coffee I 8767 ve tried in our stove top moka which produces a taste which is close to that I get Italy 8767 s coffee bars.

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