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When Thor returned to Earth, he quickly found himself in battle with Loki over the fate of Kevin Masterson. Although Thor defeated Loki, the trickster fired one last blast at Kevin and his mother Marcy, but it was blocked by Eric’s secretary, Susan Austin, killing her. Angered as never before, Thor absorbed all of Loki's lifeforce with his hammer, seemingly destroying the evil god forever, despite breaking Odin's sacred rule forbidding Asgardian gods from killing each other.

Every Character Who Has Lifted Thor's Hammer - IGN

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Thor: Ragnarok features a sex joke about Thor's hammer

In another version, Loki hated Thor so much that he followed him when he was sent on a mission to retrieve treasures made by the dwarves. There, he turned into a moth, repeatedly getting in the face of a dwarf until he sneezed and made a mistake, shortening the handle, and ensuring that Mjolnir would need to be used one-handed.

Halloween Marvel Thor Hammer : Target

On Monday, a teaser trailer for Taika Waititi’s addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Thor: Ragnarok,” was finally released.

Nidavellir is one of the Nine Realms of Asgardian lore, and it is home to races of Dwarves. Uru is only found in this particular realm. Though uru looks like stone, it acts like metal, and can actually absorb and store energy, like the hammer’s metal did to the Mother Storm. The nugget of raw uru was given to Odin as a symbol of the alliance between Asgard and Nidavellir.

Of course, the Ultimate version of Thor spends much of the comics using a man-made replica instead of the Asgardian Mjolnir.

To provide some context, back in February, Marvel posted a video highlighting Avengers: Infinity War beginning production, and one piece of concept art that was included showed Thor and Rocket Raccoon fighting side by side. While the weapon in Thor's hand wasn't fully shown, it was clear by the handle that he wasn't holding Mjolnir, giving us our first clue that the hammer wouldn't be around much longer. Since Thor Odinson has been wielding the axe Jarnjborn in the comics for the last several years, it was theorized that he would pick up such a weapon during Avengers: Infinity War. After all, even with his enhanced abilities, there are still battles where more traditional weaponry is necessary.

If you’ve ever wondered how Asgardians are able to interact with anyone, seemingly understanding any language they’re introduced to, it’s because they have Allspeak.

When Thor returned, he discovered Asgard had been claimed held captive by the cruel Dark Gods (beings formerly banished by the Asgardians to the farthest reaches of the universe). They sent the Destroyer to Earth on a rampage, leaving the Avengers defeated and Thor nearly dead. The mysterious being named Marnot (secretly Hescamar, one of Odin’s magical ravens) offered to restore Thor in exchange for taking the place of Jake Olsen, a paramedic who died during the battle. Thor agreed, fighting the Destroyer again and banishing it to another dimension. Thor found he could transform between himself and Olsen, although he had none of Olsen’s memories, making it difficult to maintain two identities.

Donald M. Blake, God of Thunder, Son of Odin, the Thunderer, Lord of Asgard, Jake Olson, Sigurd Jarlson, Donar, Donner, Hloriddi, Unhappy Hrungnir’s Playmate, Veur, Hrodr’s Foe-Man, Longbeard’s Son, Vingthor the Hurler, Siegfried, Siegmund, "Woe-King" impersonated Hercules, Harokin, Freya formerly bound to Eric Masterson

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