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Date: 2018-01-15 16:03.

If you would like to give Lakota Coffee Company's green coffee beans a try, We offer this simple, straightforward guarantee:

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Another method, known as "Monsooning", exposes the green coffee directly to the elements to simulate the long sea voyages of earlier centuries.

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Lest we think this is the final word, there are those who find the dry method preferable, as in some of the highly prized Sumatrans, Yemenis, and Ethiopians, for their amazing earthiness and luxurious body.

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This #GivingTuesday , we wanted to give YOU thanks. Our company and our mission would not be possible without the support of our loyal, dedicated and giving customers.

This picture illustrates the difference in the way that "ready to roast" green coffee beans look in both the washed and dry process

But it's all to no avail if I’m not roasting coffee that has been expertly cupped and carefully chosen for it’s incomparable quality in the cup!

You will be absolutely amazed by the resulting aroma, flavor, and body delivered by fresh roasting Lakota's green coffee selections. (Assuming you've had some practice! LOL)

Introducing our latest blend Beach Break from our new brand bay coffee roasters. Beach break is a blend of smooth arabica coffee beans that have travelled from Peru and Honduras all the way to west Wales where we have roasted them in our one of a kind made in Wales roaster (Myfanwy).

Why you ask? For starters there coffee is amazing! They're local & it's a FAMILY OWNED business, I have met, fathers, uncles, daughters, sons and brothers. They have been supportive since day one. always popping in on a odd occasion for a warm brew. It's a bit of a strange feeling serving coffee to the man that actually roasted it to begin with. But I can say it's a pretty good one! (nerve racking at times 😉)

Lakota Coffee Company’s Green Coffee selections are in keeping with all of the exacting standards discussed in this site and we would like to share our experience of "Coffee Nirvana" with you!

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