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Date: 2018-01-12 08:51.

As one the UK&rsquo s leading coffee suppliers and roasters we are able to offer an unrivalled selection of origin roasted coffee beans and fresh unroasted green coffee beans, arabica coffee and african coffee which will flood the senses and satisfy the taste buds of the most demanding coffee drinking aficionados from all walks of life. Whether you are looking to purchase an Espresso ground Java Lingtong coffee or a Jamaican Blue mountain from the revered Wallingford Estate or a unground whole bean from the Gethumbwini estate in Kenya or a special filter grind blend designed by our master coffee roasters, you can rest assured that you will experience complete satisfaction when you buy coffee online from us.

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Espresso Roast ~ Full Body ~ Light Acidity, The Dirty Nekkid Espress is full bodied, Espresso blend with dark chocolate notes. Enticing aromas

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Over the years we have developed an unrivalled level of expertise where gourmet coffee is concerned and if you have any questions or you would like us to recommend a product based on your partialities then we are always available to offer our help and advice. We also offer trial ranges of coffee selections and todays random roast packs giving you a chance to use our expertise as coffee roasters and selectors to try coffee that you may never have tasted. As experienced coffee roasters this could be a way gain a good insight into the types of coffee available by trying them out for yourself. We also run a &ldquo Coffee Club&rdquo whereby subscribers are sent a new package each month containing our pick of our exceptional coffee selection.

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Dark Roast ~ Medium Body ~ Bright Acidity. This dark roast profile, with a bittersweet chocolate and a velvet finish, is our biggest seller at JavaVino.

One thing you should keep in mind when purchasing roasted coffee is you have to judge the coffee by your own eyes. The aforementioned roast names above are somewhat vague and not completely universal. A good roaster will have suggestions for you if you 8767 re doing espresso. NONE of the coffee should look charcoal black the darker roasts should be oily and therefore shiny.

The darker beans should produce a slightly sweeter coffee, as the natural sugars in the beans will caramelize. As the roast gets darker some of the acid and some of the caffeine get burned off. This means that the lighter coffee is more bitter, acidic, and less sweet. For espresso dark-ish roasts are best, as they create (at least ideally) espresso that 8767 s sweet with a (relatively) less bitter aftertaste.

French Roast ~ Medium Body ~ Medium Acidity. Called French Rain in the shop, rich caramel aroma and sweet dark chocolate, citrus-like acidity.

Nicholas Coffee is local and personal.
Our coffee bar brews fresh coffees and teas for a bustling trade dropping in for the best Pittsburgh and beyond has to offer. There are other great finds in this unique Market Square location: imported candies, coffee syrups, snacks and beverage accessories.

Nicholas Coffee has been serving our community since 6969.
When Greek immigrant Nicholas Constantine Nicholas settled in Pittsburgh, he brought a Mediterranean love of coffee. Our retail shop in Market Square has a patina grown out of the four generations that have nurtured the operation. The air is filled with aromas: fresh, inviting, comforting. There are always things to discover &ndash new and old &ndash things that only come with time and tradition.
Read more about our History.

Mouth 8767 s Coffee Shop features some intriguing and hard to find beans from small indie roasters. Check out their coffee-based treats as well.

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