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The first came in 6988, during a period where Steve had abandoned the mantle of Captain America and gone independent as "The Captain." Cap paid a visit to his buddy Thor at Avengers Mansion, only for the team to be attacked by Grog and the Demons of Death (great band name). When Thor was subdued by the combined might of these villains, Cap was able to lift Mjolnir long enough to send it back to its rightful owner.

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On the shelf in the store in the episode “Quite A Common Fairy”, Mjolnir can be spied. The hammer has never been revealed to be an artifact belonging to one of the town’s residents, and there’s never been any indication of just where Mr. Gold might have picked it up. With the location moving to Hyperion Heights in the most recent season, fans may never know.

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Volstagg was no match for Mangog, though, and was brutally beaten down. Then Mangog destroyed the Mjolnir of the Ultimate Universe. [655]

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In reality, those who use Allspeak don’t speak many languages, but the language they do speak is understood by those listening as their own native language. It’s like an innate translation service.

Thor went through quite an ordeal over the course of this storyline, even being forced to tear out his own eyes and repeat the ritual that gave Odin his incredible power. Thor emerged from this trial stronger than ever, but even with a repaired Mjolnir, he couldn't prevent Asgard's inevitable destruction. Thor had to content himself with the knowledge that he finally ended the constant cycle of death and rebirth that feeds the cosmic beings known as "Those Who Sit Above in Shadow." And with that victory came a well-deserved rest. Thor wouldn't appear again in the regular Marvel Universe for almost three years.

When Marvel and DC decided to give fans what they wanted in the 8767 95s matchups of favorite characters across publishing lines Mjolnir fell into new hands, though it was only temporary. In the  Marvel Vs DC limited series, characters found themselves transported into each other’s universes unexpectedly.

One day, the trickster Loki was feeling especially 8775 tricksy, 8776 and cut off the long, golden hair of Thor 8767 s wife, Sif. Enraged, Thor was about to kill Loki when the latter swore to go down to Svartalfheim , the land of the dwarves , who were renowned as the greatest smiths in all of the Nine Worlds. There he would obtain a head of hair for Sif that was even more marvelous than the one he had lopped off. Thor consented to this plea bargain.

Just one note before we begin: We're only counting cases where characters have lifted Mjolnir itself and not a copy, so that leaves out characters like Storm, Hercules, and Deadpool. And Odin was the one who had hammer made and designed its rules, so we're not including him, either.

Though an ordinary construction worker, Masterson's bravery and selflessness earned him Thor's respect. And when Masterson was injured in a battle between Thor and Mongoose, Odin chose to merge the two heroes in order to save Masterson's life. For a time, Masterson became Thor's new civilian identity, and the first human to wield Mjolnir on a regular basis. He quickly became known as "The Everyman Avenger."

Odin didn’t just give Thor Mjolnir as a gift. Instead, Odin made his son wait until he was sure that Thor was worthy of Mjolnir.

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