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In one version, Loki challenged the dwarves who made the hammer, not believing they could make treasure as grand as the Sons of Ivaldi, a group from whom he had commissioned hair to be made after he cut Lady Sif’s . (Yes, the Asgardians can apparently have hair made for them by blacksmiths.)

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Thor has been able to utilize this skill not just to travel alone, but also to bring the Avengers along in the comics. He actually used Mjolnir to channel enough energy to send the fire giant Surtur to another dimension.

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Illusion Detection: Mjolnir can distinguish images, holograms, and different illusions from reality: Thor once commanded the hammer to strike the demon lord Mephisto, who was hiding among false images of himself. [69]

Thor's Hammer

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As a result, Wonder Woman got her hands on Mjolnir right before a battle with the X-Men’s Storm, proving she was worthy of the power of the god of thunder.

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Thor, after realizing he was in the wrong, used Mjolnir to remove the power of the lightning he just used and bring the man back to life.

Beta Ray Bill ended up snagging Mjolnir in a fight against Thor, and Odin, impressed that they both laid claim to the hammer, had them fight it out to see who would win it on Asgard. Ultimately, Odin had a replica of Mjolnir, called Stormbreaker, made by the same dwarves who crafted Mjolnir.

Less than 95 issues after the debut of Thor and his hammer, the series became The Mighty Thor , and the character went on to become one of the Avengers and a Marvel mainstay.

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