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Why you ask? For starters there coffee is amazing! They're local & it's a FAMILY OWNED business, I have met, fathers, uncles, daughters, sons and brothers. They have been supportive since day one. always popping in on a odd occasion for a warm brew. It's a bit of a strange feeling serving coffee to the man that actually roasted it to begin with. But I can say it's a pretty good one! (nerve racking at times 😉)

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The best coffee from the . and the world, brought to your neighborhood. Our Product Locator finds the fastest way to resupply your kitchen.

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Yes our sought after varietals are coming from near and far, and far-er – which means miles, but it doesn’t have to end there, we discovered we can find a way to offset those miles, because every little bit counts, right?

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Some of the best Arabica beans are Costa Rican. They are similar to the beans grown in Brazil only sharper and lighter in taste. The Canephor or Robusta bean is also grown in many of the same regions. This coffee bean contains more caffeine than the Arabic bean. The Robusta beans contain less oil than the Arabic beans which tend to give them a more acidic and bitter taste. The Robusta bean is a cheaper bean than the Arabic bean and is used worldwide in blended coffees on supermarket shelves and at the same time in expensive roasts made for espresso. This is due the higher caffeine content, at least fifty percent more than the Arabica bean.

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Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer and produces around 75% of the world's supply of coffee. Eighty percent of coffee from Brazil is Arabica.

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