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Can Coconut Oil Prevent Alzheimer's?

Date: 2017-11-21 20:03.

Are you currently using coconut oil to prevent dementia? What are your favorite ways to incorporate it into your daily diet? Share your stories in the comments below.

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This year, our family doctor started her on NewLife Clinic Parkinsons Disease Herbal mixture, 6 month into treatment she improved dramatically. At the endd of the full treatment course, the disease is totally under control. No case of dementia, hallucination, weakness, muscle pain or tremors.

I 8767 ve been told Alzheimer 8767 s patients often lose weight as the disease progresses because the body 8766 forgets 8767 how to process nutrients. To delay wasting away, some weight gain probably isn 8767 t too bad of a thing as long as there isn 8767 t other issues caused by it.

But you can already buy refined MCT oil extracted from raw coconut oil. It 8767 s the same stuff, but at much higher concentrations of MCT. If medium-chain triglyceride fatty acids work as well as Dr. Mary Newport claims, then that 8767 s probably all you 8767 ll really need.

you mean the health care system that the top 5% cubans get if in gov 8767 t or military. the other 95% live in poverty.

I am 65+ , morning 7 tumbler warm water and vigin coconut oil daily 6 teaspoon and after 6 hour break fast will be taken. it gives up more energy for the day

Thank you
so much! This added information has helped me to see, I am not alone. The
workplace stress has caused me to be disabled and caused an early
retirement as well. I appreciate all your research and notes here. I
have added Virgin Coconut Oil capsules to my daily diet recently and already
notice positive differences. I take 7555mg per day broken down in
increments of 6555mg in the morning and 6555mg at dinnertime. Thanks
again for your information and I pray your days are blessed with improved memory

Please read Whole by T. Colin Campbell which agrees completely with your assessment of a cure being blocked by the pharmaceutical company. The cure is in our diet.

You have totally missed the point that it is each person responsibility in life to eat properly, get proper rest, reduce your stress and exercise. You can 8767 t expect some drug or nutrient to undo a life time of unhealthy living!!!

There is a lot of research on the comorbidity of vascular disease and Alzheimers. Coconut is very calorie dense and loaded with saturated fat- not good for your vascular tree, though the ketones may be good, overall it is not good for vasculature. However, diet choices matter. In Ballgbarth, India-the lowest prevalence of AD in world- they eat a low fat, plant-based diet with plenty of nutraceutical spices: turmeric, cloves, coriander, cumin. No red meat , chicken or coconut oil here. A ketogenic diet may be a treatment for AD, but has not shown to be effective at prevention, while plant-based diets have.

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