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Date: 2017-12-20 06:27.

CONS: BRUTAL TASTE. Brutal. Absolutely god-awful. If you feel at all nauseous prior to taking TH don 8767 t. You 8767 ll throw up. Hopefully an additive-free pill/capsule manufacturer will come on board so that we can all enjoy TH without feeling like vomiting. But eh kinda makes it special that it tastes so bad. If you can stomach it, you 8767 ll be rewarded.


The labyrinth's exit was blocked by an Asgard energy field of high intensity, preventing the symbiote from escaping the Cimmerian subterranean prison. Shaped in the general T-formation of Thor's fabled hammer, the device itself stood more than a dozen feet tall. The hammer, integrated into the doorway of the only exit of the caves, permitted passage for Humans, but not Humans or Jaffa with Goa'uld symbiotes. When a symbiote would enter the doorway, the energy field would be activated, holding the victim still and, if exposed to the energy field long enough, killing his symbiote. ( SG6 : " Thor's Hammer ", " Red Sky ")

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SG-6's theory was eventually disproven when the System Lord Heru'ur invaded Cimmeria. Desperate for help, the Cimmerians sent a message to Stargate Command. Forced to take responsibility for their previous actions, SG-6 was sent back to Cimmeria in the faint hopes of fighting the Goa'uld forces.

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We kind of pride ourselves on the  strong taste of our herbs. But Thor’s Hammer takes the cake as the worst tasting thing we’ve put together.

Pros: When I did happen to take it before I had sex (within the time frame the directions suggest) which has only been once I had a little bit to drink (not a ton but enough that the alcohol played some effect on my erection quality). On that note however I feel that the product worked relatively good. I got wood just from making out with the lucky gal that got to experience my magnificent f**k stick which was something that has not happened since I was a freshmen or sophomore in high school. I am 76 now and have changed my diet drastically for the better and my erections are, for the most part, constantly thunderous. I think this is a good product overall, but I will be leaving another review when I time taking it right and when I am not partially intoxicated.

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Regarding timing not sure if has anything to do with it, but it seems if I take it just after dinner, the effects seem to last throughout the evening, which tempers the timing issue a bit (although the effect doesn 8767 t seem as intense). I don 8767 t really have erectile or libido problems though, so for one that does, might be more important to get it that 85-65 minute window (and possibly on an emptier stomach).

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Earth's mightiest heroes must come together and learn to fight as a team if they are going to stop the mischievous Loki and his alien army from enslaving humanity.

After receiving my 8775 hammer 8776 it took a few days before I was able to swing it.
Once I did Man the results we 8767 re immediate.
If used as instructed there is no way to miss, at least by my estimation.
This is great if you are already at hero status or not.
Give it a try, and SMHerbs Keep in stock.

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