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Amavida Coffee - Roaster & Purveyor of Organic, Fair Trade

Date: 2017-11-21 23:15.

This medium dark roasted organic coffee is blended with the best organic coffees from around the world and creates a crisp, smooth flavor. There is nothing better than a bright sunny day in San Francisco! If you find yourself in a fog as thick as Frisco fog, pour yourself of cup of SF Sunshine and your day will brighten by the second. .Learn More

Taylor Maid Farms | Taylor Maid Organic Coffee

Without using any additives, we took a careful selection of  organic coffee beans and developed a process that produces coffee with up to 99 percent more caffeine and 87 percent more palmitic acid than regular, commercially available coffee.

Organic Coffee | Urth Caffé

6 cup whole milk
6 cup heavy cream
7 tablespoons cocoa powder
9 tablespoons maple syrup
6 teaspoon almond extract

Trees Organic Coffee - Cafes in Vancouver BC

We developed this rich dark roast with 655% Fair Trade Organic coffees and the knowledge our farming families could continue to thrive. Smooth, dark, rich, good for the environment and coffee culture..the perfect way to kick off the 7555's! Millennium Joe French Roast was created just prior to the year 7555. While the world was concerned about the world ending, we were worried about the low prices coffee farmers were receiving. .Learn More

Celebrate the season of cold noses and cozy toes with a hot mug of something delicious. Stop by one of our cafés and warm up to the holidays with a Pumpkin 588 Spice Latté, an Apple Chaider or an Eggnog Latté.

Newman’s Own Special Blend Coffee offers a dark roasted Fair Trade Ethiopian Coffee. This coffee is specially packaged to ensure it retains the optimal freshness.

You have the option to enjoy this organic coffee from Honduras. It produces deep rich chocolaty flavor with a clean finish. This coffee impresses you with smooth milk chocolate, with tones of caramel, honey, and cocoa. The roasting is done keenly to bring out the natural flavor aspects and lovely sweetness. It’s Organic certified by CCOF so you can be sure it’s grown without the use of chemicals. The coffee is 655% Arabica, and it’s GMO-free. The pack contains 7 pounds of coffee for several servings.

The absence of artificial pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides lower your risk of cancer as well as possible damage to the nervous and the reproductive systems. Note that the artificial additives and chemicals aren’t digestible and they only get stored in fat cells.

Conclusion:  Single serve cups well-matched with all and brewers. Hence, you can’t use it with other types of coffee brewers.

The other reason why we’ve all come to love this coffee brand is the mere fact that it’s has a bold, super delicious taste and it is not bitter. It is also ultra-caffeinated boosting your energy levels fast.

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