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Alpha Particles: Thor's hammer can harness Alpha Particles from the atmosphere and could use it to atomize any weaponry. [68]

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The Avengers Disassembled storyline aimed to chronicle the darkest day in the history of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. And even though Thor wasn't a player in the main event, it could be argued that he and his fellow Asgardians suffered worse than anybody. The ongoing Thor comic featured a tie-in storyline called "Ragnarok," and it truly lived up to its name.

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Mjolnir's enchantment is designed to prevent any living being from lifting the hammer unless they're worthy. But as it turns out, the "living being" part can serve as a convenient loophole in the right circumstances.

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The Christians often wore necklaces with cross-shaped amulets, and they raised crosses over their dead when they buried them.

Here's the Thor Movie Metal Mjolnir Hammer Keychain: a replica of the bane of frost giants and doom of the enemies of the shining realm of Asgard the weapon of Thor the Mighty Avenger. The nicely detailed hammer is inches long and inches wide in solid pewter and features the engraved legend "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power ." So why not try to pick this up? You never if you don't get godlike power you won't lose your keys. This is, after all, one big keychain!

The origin of the hammer's name, Mjolnir is not very clear. Some scholars trace it to the verb 'molva', which means 'to smash'. Most of the others associate it with the Welsh 'mellt', Russsian 'molnija' and Old Slavic 'mlunji', all of them interpreted as 'lightning'.

When the storm finally headed toward Asgard, Odin was the one who took it on, holding it off with his own powers for days, not wanting it to destroy his home or his people. What does Odin’s confrontation with a storm have to do with Mjolnir? That immense power is what’s inside the hammer.

I love this key chain! I was surprised at how heavy and solid it actually is. I think you could actually pound a nail in with this thing LOL

I ordered this for my wife. The process was easy, and the order came with no problems at all--which is a great thing, seeing as I live in a more rural part of AZ. The quality of the hammer is great, and really, what more could you ask for? I ll be ordering from here again.

The hammer allows those who don’t have god-like abilities to do the same. Even if a human fighter is deemed worthy of Mjolnir like Jane Foster being chose to wield the hammer as a female Thor they too are granted Allspeak as long as they’re using the hammer.

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