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Date: 2018-01-11 11:15.

It is my understanding that some uncooked fresh greens can have goitrogenic properties do you know if the dehydration at the low temp mitigates this? (although I suspect they would be eventually cooked in soups, eggs, etc and I as a hypothyroid sufferer would just avoid any uncooked preparation like smoothies)

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Thanks for sharing. I never thought of dehydrating the greens. Last year I dehydrated summer squash, cucumbers, jalepanos and onions and make a soup powder mix. It turned out really good. I will have to try my greens now.

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I dried greens and leeks the other day and added to cream cheese to make a spread for crackers. My teenage boys loved it. The mustard greens were too strong to eat raw but amazingly they were extremely mild when dried.

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Patriot Power Greens is a superfood green drink powder made by Patriot Health Alliance. It is doctor-formulated by a Texan doctor named Dr. Lane Sebring . This Patriot Power Greens review will look at the overall formula and determine how it stacks up against other green drinks we’ve reviewed.  READ THE REVIEW   Guaranteed Lowest Price Online

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I read recently that carrot tops were not a healthy option at all, because they have alkaloids. Has anyone else read that? Something to do with alkaloids?

Question from newbie to experts: How much powder do you get from, say, a cup of raw veggies? I take commercial veg and fruit powders and have always been suspicious of the claims of how many servings those little scoops supposedly contain.

A stone mill consists of two granite parts, with a slight opening in the middle called 89 Fukumi. 89 The tea is funneled in from the top, filling in this small space, and pushed out gradually. Though each stone mill can only grind up to 85-95g of Matcha per hour (that s approximately one tin), only these mills made of granite are able to preserve the color, flavor, and nutritional components of Matcha.

Fermented Green Supremefood , created by Dr. Don Colbert of Divine Health, is a high-quality green drink powder that focuses on fermented grasses and a robust probiotics panel. Though less potent per serving than other green drinks, this formula packs a large nutritional punch.    READ THE REVIEW

Ah lovely! I dehydrate greens too in my xcalibur haven 8767 t tried adding onion & such, I will definitely try that. Great comments too on screens over a wood stove?! Brilliant. I love knowing that works 🙂
PS. Beets, not beats 😉 in the 8766 how to use super veggie powder 8767 paragraph

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