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Date: 2017-11-30 01:39.

The way that coffee cherries are handled after they are picked makes a difference in the way that coffee will taste. In Africa and other places around the world, the peaberries are laid on raised beds where they are left to dry in their natural state. They are left there until the cherry rots away, leaving only the natural coffee beans. However, in Latin America and some other parts of the world, cherries are placed in fermentation tanks where the coffee beans are removed from the cherry. This gives those coffee beans more acidity. Finally, in most parts of Central America, the cherries are washed and then laid out to dry, resulting in a creamier-tasting brew.


If you are ready to make your own roast, then you are on your way to a good cup of coffee. Create your personalized roast for a cup of espresso by following these steps:

Green Kona Coffee Beans

In these pages I'll separate fact from fantasy about specialty coffee, honestly, clearly, and for free - so that you can:

Product sourcing, development, service and final delivery is a key part of the current CCL strategy and a key aspect of its competitive advantage. The company works to build value at origin for the farmers as well as to enhance value for its customers.

Our Coffee Technical Manager, Nick Boxall, has vast experience in this field and leads a HACCP Team, including two Directors, who are responsible for ensuring that the Company continues to improve in every field which has a bearing on quality and safety of products.

Extra Fancy is screen 69, Fancy is screen 68, Number 6 is screen 67, and Peaberry is an oval dense caricoli bean.  We have very limited quantities on Extra Fancy and Peaberry, as these beans are hand-sorted for quality.

CCL often plays a full role in developing these products on behalf of its customers, helping to determine the technical variables (such as origin, colour, flavour and bulk density), as well as advising on the design of packaging and other matters.

Our wholesale coffee consists of a selection of different regions and origins to choose from. Each region of coffee has it 8767 s own unique and distinct flavors for those who like to roast and brew their own coffees. Here is a list of typical green coffee purchasers.

Summing up, CCL's supply side is strong with suppliers in Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru), Asia (India, Indonesia and Vietnam) and Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda). The company is always on the look-out for new markets and new products.

We are pleased to offer our customers the decaffeinating method of their choice. Whether it is a question of cost or the need to decaffeinate a specialty organic coffee with a water process, we have the answer.

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